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Christmas Cheer

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A Half 'n Half box of cookies makes the ideal Christmas gift for only $20! Build your own box of 1 dozen cookies. And this Christmas, each box will include 2 Kindness Cookies.

Choose from Generous Ginger, Chewy Chocolate or from seasonal Christmas Treats: Hello Dolly's; Grandma's Shortbread; Gingerbread Cut-outs; Marshmallow Confetti Bars (GF); Mud Pies (GF); Sugar Cookies

When you ORDER 2 dozen or more Christmas Cheer boxes BEFORE NOV. 30th, you'll receive a 10% discount at checkout. (delivery date can be in December but orders must be placed before Nov. 30th)

How to get the discount?

If you want multiple boxes of all the same combinations, just indicate the Quantity you wish. Each box of 1 dozen cookies (plus a Kindness Cookie!) will be made up with the same two kinds of cookies.

If you want each box to be made up of 2 different kinds of cookies, order one box at a time. Order your first dozen, choosing 2 kinds of treats.

Then select CONTINUE (bottom of the cart page) and fill your second box with two other kinds of treats. Discount will be applied automatically.

All cookies must be delivered or shipped to the same address.