Our Story



The kindness and compassion of others can make a big difference, especially when it is unexpected. When someone makes a random gesture of kindness, it highlights what really matters in life. Cookies matter. Surprises matter.

Deb and Joanne, co-owners of Kindness Cookies, have spent many years baking cookies to share. They know the awesome feeling of surprising someone with a tasty cookie treat. When you purchase a box of Kindness Cookies, you will receive a specially wrapped individual Kindness Cookie to be given away to someone – Anyone! This small act of giving away a cookie can make a big difference. It is about sharing kindness by sharing cookies.

Before exploring baking as a business, Deb and Joanne worked in special education. They want to continue to support children in their community so Deb and Joanne have pledged to donate a portion of proceeds from each box sold to the local Children’s Nutrition Network.