We Miss our Cookie Community

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since we last connected but we’re happy and grateful to have the chance to reach out and say ‘hi’.

We hope you’re doing all right? Yes, that’s a question, not an assumption.

These are unusual times and we know that everyone has their own experiences, individual challenges and unique ways of dealing with the impacts of Covid-19. Whatever your situation is, we’re sending you warm wishes for good health, gentle days and loving kindness.

The days have been busy for both of us. Yes, we miss being together in the kitchen, walking, talking, laughing, planning. But we're managing to fill the days with personal projects. In some ways it's been nice to slow down and adopt a different kind of pace.

It goes without saying that we've been doing lots of baking and cooking. We've been experimenting with some new cookie recipes and getting creative with other kinds of desserts and goodies. We're looking forward to sharing some of these creations with you, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

We've had time to reflect and contemplate and there's a few things we know for sure:

* We miss our cookie community and we're grateful that you're patiently waiting for our return.

* We're looking forward to being back in the kitchen, together, baking for our customers.

* We'll be ready with fresh-baked delicious KINDNESS COOKIES (once restrictions ease) to send love, gratitude and thoughtfulness to your family, friends, support workers, health care professionals, business colleagues, teachers - Everyone!

Until then, we'll continue to stay in touch - and remember, we want to hear from YOU! Please tag us with your ideas, share with us your gestures of kindness, and reach out to us if you need a dose of kindness in your mailbox.

Our May Kindness Calendar can be found on our Blog https://kindnesscookies.ca/blogs/news or download at  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kc3Ur24VrCj_Vu9Dd-OdYRxEA_UzaeQF/view?usp=sharing

Tuesday May 5 is Giving Tuesday. This day is a global day of giving and unity that encourages people around the world to share kindness in their community. If you’re able to make a charitable donation to a charity of choice, that’s awesome! But there’s lots of other ways to share kindness – kindness rocks, hearts in windows, sidewalk messages. We are all in this together, so let’s do some good together.


Thursday May 14  ~ We’ll be baking a Very Special Dessert Cookie for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bake for Kids’ Sake virtual fundraiser. Kindness Cookies has entered a team in this event, and we’d love for you to sponsor us. (Perhaps you can make a donation on Giving Tuesday?)

Funds raised will be used to support 1400 kids and youth in the London Area served by Big Brothers Big Sisters. You know we have a big heart for kids’ charities and we thank you for your support.
You can sponsor Kindness Cookies at https://www.canadahelps.org/s/tnKk4

Keep Connected, Stay Safe, Be Kind.