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How are you doing?

It's important to us that we check in with our Kindness friends to see how everyone is doing. Another week of dealing with Covid-19 has passed. Are you doing okay? We hope so.

We know it hasn't been easy for any of us. Schedules have been changed. Days of the week kind of run into one another. How have you been coping? Have you set up a routine that works for you? Are you getting used to the "new normal"?

Like you, we're learning how to adapt and adjust. 

#Stayhome has become our daily schedule. And this is something we're just not used to!

Usually we're in the kitchen baking cookies and in the community working to grow our business and spread messages of kindness around. We've had to re-think our business strategies and revise our personal routines too. There's so much to get used to.

Like you, we're trying to stay connected with our family, friends, neighbours, and associates. But it's different now isn't it?

Life has become very 'virtual'. Technology is our greatest ally. Phone calls, Zoom meetings. Facebook, Twitter, Email - so many electronic ways of staying in touch.

Happily when we turn away from the screens we can find connections elsewhere. We love to see Kindness messages on sidewalks and in windows. 

Seeing neighbours chatting from their driveways makes us smile. We're happy when we go for a walk and strangers nod and greet us as they share the sidewalk. (Staying 6 feet apart of course).

But still, everything feels a little different, a little off. We feel the collective hugs and community support that are being sent virtually ~ and we're grateful. We hope you feel the hugs we're sending your way too. 

As the requirement to #StayHomeSavesLives continues, here's some of the ways we'll stay connected:

~ In case you missed it - Deb did an amazing Facebook Live Cooking Class. She baked some tasty Sugar Cookies and with the help of her assistant, Honey Bunny, brought lots of smiles and joy to everyone viewing. You can watch it on YouTube -
Or catch it on our Facebook page -

~ We'll continue to post ideas on ways to share kindness during these unusual times. Suggestions, activities, and inspirations will be posted on social media and on our website

~ We'll send Kindness Ambassador Certificates to anyone you want us to! Let us know who is doing something special right now to share kindness. As we know, small acts of kindness can have a BIG impact. Send us a note celebrating acts of kindness and we'll send the certificate. Go to:

 ~ Check out our Kindness Calendar for April for activities and inspiration

Know that we'll continue to keep you in our thoughts in the days ahead. Please stay in touch; you can post on our sites, tag us in your photos. Share with us how you're continuing to spread kindness, from a safe distance of course

Talk to you soon.

Keep well, stay connected, be kind.

Kind regards.

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