sunshine + flowers = joy

Sunshine Wishes 

It's August! WOW! What a summer it's been so far. Lots of sunshine and warmth have greeted us many days and we hope they've brought some 'Covid-relief' your way.

We know there's a lot of ‘Covid-confusion’ swirling around, and could be for sometime still. But we're trying to stay focused on things that bring us pleasure and make us smile.

Like sunflowers.

We both LOVE sunflowers. We love their vibrant colours and appreciate their strength and regal stance, reaching to the sky. We love their boldness and their brightness. We marvel that they chase the sun on a sunny day ~ following it’s golden rays. And we're amazed that on a cloudy day they turn towards each other in the field to share their energy.

Sunflowers can handle the heat and the drought, and they symbolize strength, adoration and loyalty. And looking at a field of sunflowers always makes us SMILE.

Yes, the ‘Covid-conundrum’ is not over yet ~ we're all still in the midst of that story. 

But we hope that as August begins, you’re experiencing some simple pleasures, some rays of happiness, and some bright possibilities that make you SMILE ~ just as sunflowers bring smiles to our faces.

If you want to send some ‘sunshine’ to a friend ~ or even to yourself ~ we know that Kindness Cookies always make people smile. Brighten someone’s day with a gift of Kindness Cookies.

Kind regards,

p.s. If you're looking for a sunflower field-trip experience, check out Miracle Max's Minions! And SMILE!