Meet Rosanna ~ Kindness Ambassador #2

We get really excited when we meet people who are spreading kindness through words and actions. Last week we introduced you to our first Kindness Ambassador, Shelby. Please meet our second KA, Rosanna

Rosanna works for Western University as the Director of Administration, Student Experience. In her role, Rosanna has face-to-face interactions with the many Western Mustangs who access the programmes and supports that inspire Western Students to thrive. In working in this role, it would be logical to assume that the work focuses heavily on talent, strategy, policy, financials and operations. And no doubt about it, her job is all of that.

But we quickly figured out that Rosanna brings so much more to her role. Rosanna’s attitude towards students, teaching staff, admin staff and to the ‘higher ups’, is super positive, authentic, and people-focused. She understands that in the middle of the institutional ‘stuff’, she leads an ecosystem of people, places and spaces that empower student thriving.  There are real people, with real needs, who need support, guidance, mentorship, and caring. She has an obvious passion for students, colleagues, and the university leadership team. Rosanna exudes enthusiasm for the work she does, and she has a clear vision about how to create a positive student and staff experience. Her focus on shifting attitudes with not just words, but with actions knocked us off our feet! Rosanna is making a difference one Mustang at a time ~ and we’re excited to be working in collaboration with her and the Student Experience team.

Rosanna is AWESOME and we're thrilled to recognize her as a Kindness Cookie Kindness Ambassador.