Welcome To The Kitchen

Hello There!  Welcome to the kitchen!

We're so glad you stopped by. Now that you're here - we'll put the kettle on!

The kitchen is our happy place. It's where we bake those delicious Kindness Cookies, but it's also the place where we share ideas and plans, hopes and dreams, and bits of our day-to-day lives.

If you were to stop by our actual kitchen, you'd find us in aprons, blue hair nets and comfy footwear. Music is playing. Mixers are whirring. Our beloved volunteers are helping out. The kettle gets boiled numerous times during the day. As we focus on the task of mixing dough and baking cookies, there's a lot of conversation going on too. 

YES, we love to bake. But we love other things too. As we scoop and measure ingredients, attend to the oven and clean up our mess, we talk and talk and talk. About Family. Friends. Community. Books. Food and Drink. Travel. Politics. Social issues. All kinds of things. And we laugh ~ a lot. This cookie business is much more than cookies; but maybe you figured that out by now.

So when you stop by this online kitchen, we'll share all of that with you and more. The conversations will be interesting for sure.

For today, to celebrate our first post, we have something special, just for you.

It’s a cookie recipe we both love. The recipe is for Deb’s Biscotti ~  an easy to make, delicious cookie. Yes, we said it’s easy. Don’t let the idea of twice-baked biscotti intimidate you. We know you can do it.

To access this recipe go back to the About section on our Home Page, open up the drop down menu and you will find Recipes. Click it open. To open the recipe, click on the title, Deb's Biscotti.

Check it out and get ready to bake! We look forward to staying connected through our blog ~ sharing recipes, ideas and inspirations, and other things that matter to us.

See you in the kitchen!

Kind regards, 

Deb and Joanne