It's been a sizzlin' summer!

Here's a recap of some of the hot things we've been working on.

During August, we started our recognition program called Kindness Ambassadors. Everywhere we go we’re always so blessed to meet the Most Amazing People ~ folks who are promoting kindness at home, at work, and in the community. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! When we met Shelby, Rosanna and Dana we smiled, we laughed, and we got INSPIRED by their spirit of kindness and giving. We’re pretty sure you will be inspired too. Check out their stories In the Kitchen:

Who do you know that is a Kindness Ambassador? Someone who has a giving and generous nature, always spreading kindness wherever they go? We want to know all about them and meet them if possible. Send us an email telling us why they're a perfect Kindness Ambassador ~

It was sure hot outside but that didn’t stop us from heating up the kitchen with some new recipes. After baking and testing, and baking and testing some more, we’ve mastered a new cookie to add to our collection.
Introducing: Razzle Dazzle Raisin. Available starting September 3rd, this soon-to-be classic cookie will be a hit with lovers of Oatmeal and Raisin. Our taste-tester Paxson claimed “These are the BEST oatmeal raisin cookies I’ve ever had! They’re chewy, taste like a bowl of oatmeal with raisins ~ without needing a spoon.”

This summer we read some great books, traveled a bit, and were happy to spend time with family and friends. We discovered new places, new people and new PODCASTS. Check out The Science of Happiness podcast, episode 46 ~ Making Kindness Contagious.  Listen here:

Doing simple random acts of kindness can make a BIG difference. Let us know what idea you’re going to try and what the outcome is. We’d LOVE to hear your story!

Thanks for caring.

Kind regards,
Deb and Joanne