Introducing Dana - another dynamite Kindness Ambassador!

Meet our next Kindness Ambassador - Dana Noble.

Dana is a key employee at one of London’s most notable accounting firms, Davis Martindale. Dana’s official title is Manager of Marketing, but it’s clear she is also the Manager of Happiness. As soon as we met her in the lobby, we knew we were in the presence of a warm, witty, and kind-hearted woman. She made us laugh right from the start, and it seemed like we’d been friends for a long time.

Dana shared with us her goals of enhancing work-place connections among the diverse staff of Davis Martindale. She described with enthusiasm what she’s done to get the staff engaged in kindness activities, both at work and outside of the office.

It’s very apparent that Dana is tenacious and highly driven to ‘up the game’ and enhance the work-place culture with positive activities and programs that reflect both corporate and individual values. Dana works for a company that is forward-thinking: the senior team of Davis Martindale has given her the flexibility she needs to create fun, interactive and meaningful events designed to build a culture of kindness and caring.

Dana has a lot of energy and a whole lot of creativity. She’s focused on helping her colleagues be the best that they can be as she encourages them to bring their kindest selves to the office, to volunteerism, and to the community at large. With a sincere smile and a caring disposition, Dana is making a BIG difference to the folks who work at Davis Martindale. She is AMAZING ~ and she is worthy of being this week's Kindness Ambassador.