Covid19 - How Kindness Can Help

These have been interesting days.
As I sit here, the world around me kept is changing so rapidly it’ss hard to keep up with all the recommendations, cancellations and moving parts related to COVID19. So many thoughts and feelings, worries and wonderings.
It’s clear that each of us is ~ and will be ~ experiencing our own uncertainties about any news related to the virus. None of us will have an experience quite like anyone else.
Some of us are worried about our elderly parents; others are worried about travel plans. There are those who are struggling to figure out the logistics of working from home (with school children also home). Others are struggling because they’re not getting enough working hours due to company slow down. Health concerns. Economic worries. Social anxieties. And so much more.
It’s easy to feel frustrated, discouraged and fearful. But as I read a variety of Tweets, posts and newspaper reports, I was amazed and moved by stories of kindness that were being shared. These tales shine light on the human spirit; even though it may feel like the worst of times, it can also be the best of times.
There's the story about the lady who while walking from her car into the grocery store was called over to another car. With the window rolled down, an elderly woman yelled out to her to ask for her help. This lady, and her husband, were both in their 80s. They’d been sitting for an hour in their car – too afraid to go into the store to get groceries since they’d heard that elderly people were more susceptible to the virus. So, they sat and waited; hoping for the right someone to come along whom they could ask to go in and do their shopping. They handed this stranger their shopping list and $100. Yes, they picked the right person to do that job.
And the story of the photographer (self-employed small business owner) who had his upcoming contracts cancelled. Instead of whining about the loss of income, he cancelled his spring break plans and went out to the community to shop and spend money at local small businesses. He offered his time and labour to his kids’ school. He gave back to the community.
There are stories of the medical professionals working around the clock to support the ill and the elderly who are in their care. Putting themselves at risk without hesitation, front-line health care workers are doing heroic deeds all day long.
There are videos of scientists and leaders in the medical communities who are visibly shaken as they report on increasing numbers of sick people and increasing deaths. Their compassion is visible, seen in their teary eyes.
These are but a few examples of how the human spirit is rallying during this unprecedented crisis.
It is comforting to know that kindness and caring are bubbling up through the muck and the mire of uncertainty, anxiety and fear.
Kindness is going to be one of the best antidotes to whatever lies ahead. Kindness is going to get people through these difficult times and unprecedented challenges. Kindness will lead the way back to healthy communities – communities of caring.
As you look ahead with trepidation, turn to kindness. By helping others, you’ll help yourself.
“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.”
Emory Austin