Just bustin' out with excitement!

That was how we felt after our recent meeting with our friends at Investing in Children, Amy Donaldson, program coordinator of the Student Nutrition Network and her executive director, Ted Gorski.  Amy and Ted welcomed us warmly and were ready to hear about the exciting things that have been going on at Kindness Cookies.

We were proud to share our start-up successes. December had been busy with orders and it was great to tell Amy and Ted about our First Responders campaign. We bragged a little about the enthusiasm for that event and we shared stories about the day we dropped off hundreds of cookies to local first responders.

But ~ the best part of our meeting was LISTENING to Ted and Amy talk about their programs and successes. Great things are happening at Investing in Children! Ted and Amy told us about the After School program at Ealing Public School and they shared how they’re working closely with TVDSB to host literacy events for families.

We got updates on our favourite program ~ the Student Nutrition Network ~ and we loved hearing about two new programs – the Guitar program and the Song Writing program. It became clear to us that it doesn’t hurt to have an executive director for a children’s non-profit who has a rich background in music!

We got excited chatting with Ted and Amy about different ways we could support their good work, and we realized we can do more than just show up with a cheque. 

Walking back to the car, we began to brainstorm ways we can become engaged in the work of Investing in Children. Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing strategic planning for Kindness Cookies and we’re confident we’ll identify how we can continue to support this amazing organization.

Can you feel our energy? We’re pumped!

To learn more about the nutrition program head to our website:


Or go to http://investinginchildren.on.ca/ to find out about all the programs that Investing in Children provides. You might also get that super-excited feeling where you just want to bust out and do something for them!

We’ll keep you posted on what we’re up to. If you have ideas or want to help, please send us a note. We’d love to hear from you!