Are you thinking about Christmas?

Christmas is the season of Kindness.

We want to share with you some ideas that we know will help you enjoy the meaning of the season. We're here to support your gift-shopping and mindful spending, and we've got ideas on how to bring Christmas Kindness to others.

   Something to help you with your Christmas shopping. Our Christmas Cheer is the ideal gift  ~ only $20. Build your own box of 1 dozen cookies, choosing from our classic flavours or our Christmas selection ~ Grandma's Shortbread, Sugar Cookies, Mud Pies, Peanut Butter Marshmallow Confetti, Hello Dolly's or Gingerbread Cutouts.

Select 2 kinds of cookies for each box (6 of each). During the Christmas season our Christmas Cheer box will include 2 single Kindness Cookies!

Christmas Cheer can be delivered across Canada by Canada Post. Final day for shipping is DECEMBER 12th.

   We can do your Christmas baking too! For festive parties and celebrations, check out our Christmas CollectionSelect 4 kinds of cookies (2 dozen total ~ $32) packaged in a Grab'n Go pizza box. This box is filled with bite-size tasty treats, perfect for a gathering of family, friends or colleagues. Select from our two best-selling classic ginger cookies and our seasonal treats. Available only in London for pick up or delivery.                 

   Something to look forward to:  Social media posts and emails will highlight our products, inspire your Christmas spirit, and offer you some special deals. (HINT there will be a special offer for our loyal customers on Cyber Monday, December 2nd!)

   Something to do: Here's a Christmas Kindness activity to share the spirit of the season with others ~ Fill a pad of sticky notes with simple messages, hearts, smiley faces and leave them on desks, doors, mirrors for others to find.

   Something to think about: "My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others." (Bob Hope) 

Kind regards,